Customer Policy

Customer Policy:

  • Deal with customers honestly, fairly and politely. 
  • Be trustworthy and reliable and respect confidentiality. 
  • Consider the customer’s needs and provide the appropriate care. 
  • Be prompt and respond quickly and in a helpful manner. 
  • Look professional, wearing the appropriate clothing, which should always be clean, complete and presentable. 
  • Always be efficient and effective to ensure best value for the customer. 
  • Always deliver what we say we will, with minimum disruption. 
  • Meet our commitments and keep the customer informed of progress. 
  • When we cannot provide exactly what someone wants, be innovative and suggest alternatives. 
  • Apologize if things go wrong and do our best to put things right. 
  • Listen to feedback, act on it and respond. 
  • Keep customers informed of new and improved services available.