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Sto. Tomas De Villanueva Parish Multipurpose Cooperative (STVPMPC)

“ Kailangan ng mga tao ang tulong, tulungan natin sila.” This is how it all started. Simple words of a simple man who never fails to believe in the goodness and strength of Santoleños. Reverend Father Restituto Esguerra defied the habit of the poor in lending money from the BUMBAY and enkindled an inspiration to improve one’s life by founding a COOPERATIVE to be an avenue for financial support.“Kapit sa patalim” is an expression in Filipino language which literally means clutching a knife blade. This phrase is often used when someone is in hopeless situation but that person doesn’t have any choice but to live with it.  This is how most Santolenos described the experience of being enslaved by usury (the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans intended to unfairly enrich the lender charging illegal or exorbitant rates of interest for the use of money) for a number of years. Founded in 1986, STVPMPC invokes among the 28 original incorporators the spirit of cooperation and trust to one another to put up the initial seed capital of SIX THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED PESOS (P6,800.00) to be able to establish the cooperative. Originally operating as Savings and Credit Coop under the umbrella of the Parochial Church, it grew to become a multipurpose cooperative on 2006 to cater to the diversifying needs of its members who grew up to a number of SIX THOUSAND by December 2018 with a total asset of TWO HUNDRED THIRTY TWO MILLION FORTY SIX THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY ONE 57/100 (P232,046,831.57)).  Gigantically expanded, there is no stopping the STVPMPC but to serve the people who possess the spirit of cooperative in their hearts. It reaches further to its neighboring communities and caters to as many deserving people. Unbelievably, it is now run by a group of competent and output-oriented EIGHTEEN (18) regular and fulltime employees which is a far cry from its humble beginning of a bunch of volunteer members who, out of having a big heart and a good soul, unceasingly impart their time and talents to keep the STVPMPC afloat. An act of kindness never fails to invoke a magnitude of good work and blessings.

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Awards/ Recognision

No words of gratitude can ever be said to the founders of the STVPMPC who serve as the inspiration of the cooperative which continuous to reap honors and recognitions over the years of its operations due to its excellent performance and unparalleled customer service:

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. It takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline and efforts to get there. But the dreamer needs a HAND to make it a reality.  Let the STVPMPC continue to be the HAND to bring its members into financial independence and mutual upliftment